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D.D. Step is one of the most popular kids’ shoe brands in Hungary. D. D. Step has been making top quality shoes at affordable prices for over 40 years. The shoes made with supination, produced by Ponte 20, provide a good addition to the D.D. Step shoe range.

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The feet of children go through an on-going development of bones, muscles and ligaments, to make the feet flexible and endurant enough, to cope with everyday challenges.

From the time the child gets into an upright position, the fact that the heels fold inward compared to the shin, and that the lateral and medial longitudinal arches are yet underdeveloped, are considered to be normal. Infants make their first steps with their weight put on the inside edge of their sole. As the feet get stronger and stronger, with a more active help provided by the various muscles that lift the sole, the medial longitudinal arch becomes more and more defined.

It is very important for our kids that we help to develop their muscle structure, in order to support the development of their feet, meaning regularly exercising their feet, and let them walk barefoot outdoors, on a natural and stimulating soil. This will activate and strengthen the muscles enough. The feet of our kids go through constant development, to create the healthy adult feet structure.


It is critical for our children to always wear suitable footwear, for both their age and the shape of their feet.  Majority of the kids won’t need specialist shoes of course, as their feet muscles will become strong enough as part of their natural growth process to properly and adequately hold their weight, thus no posture problems will arise.

However, occasionally we may need to help the feet of the child to create the proper support structure required. The kids’ tiny feet need to be protected via proper shoe support, in order to avoid the overstretching of the ligaments and muscle system around the heels, therefore we need to buy them shoes with stronger backstay, which provides a firm hold, but with a flexible sole.  Making them wear shoes with a supination will further assist this process.


Supination simply means that we bend the sole adequately to line up the heel (make it parallel with) the axis of the shin, thus preventing the formation of knock-knees or any pain during walk, and thus avoiding the creation of a fallen (flattened) arch, scoliosis, or an overstretching or potential injury of the knee ligaments.

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The Ponte 20 technology makes supination of the shoes invisible, meaning that they look “normal”, as the 5 mm supination is hidden inside the sole. Thanks to this solution and the trendy design, kids will be happy to wear these shoes, and their foot holding structure will quickly develop to be normal.

The Ponte 20 kids’ shoes are structured in a way that the toe box is let to be spacious and tall, giving enough comfort for the toes.


All of our shoes are made of high quality real leather, including both the cover and the lining part. The shoes all come with a reinforced backstay. These special shoes come with a special design, whereby the inner edge of the heel is elevated with 5 degrees.

The Ponte 20 shoes provide a solution to all parents, who believe that healthy kids’ shoes are critical, thereby contributing to a healthy development of their kids’ feet.

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